Providence Place Chapel Concerts

We are delighted to tell you that our retirement community here at Providence Place has hosted an annual Chapel Concert Series since our inaugural concert in 2001!

Performances are free to the public and generally held one Sunday a month beginning in the fall and concluding with our spring concert in May. Set against the backdrop of our building’s exquisite, Byzantine-style chapel, concerts feature gifted singers and musicians who offer their audiences polished repertories of choice musical selections ranging from the classical to the contemporary.

E Hanna     E Romani

Here’s what two of our Providence Place Residents, Ed Hanna and Eileen Romani, pictured above, have to say about them:

“Attending our concerts is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon,” says Ed, “either by yourself or with family and friends. Sometimes, my grandchildren even join me!” he added with a smile. “It’s a nice way to meet other people as well. Many of our residents attend, but there are also a lot of unfamiliar faces.”

And, from Eileen, “I always enjoy hosting the concerts, especially meeting the guests who come for the first time, and introducing them to our beautiful surroundings. We all need to appreciate quiet time with the arts,” she added, “so please join us at our concerts for a couple of hours of relaxation. They’re good for the young, old, and those in-between.”

You are invited!

We invite you to join us during our 17th Season of Chapel Concerts. The music begins again in October so check back for details.

For further information or to add your name to our Chapel Concert mailing list, please contact Laurie Hoey, director of marketing, at (413) 534-9700.

Directions to Providence Place.

“As you enter the grand chapel, you always feel peaceful. It is a perfect concert venue and my daughter often joins me. Where else can you offer such a setting in your own home?”